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In that situation , when your husband or wife go on a business trip , a vacation, a trip to any other , but in this case you doubt the loyalty of its second ladle , turning to the detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv" , you can order a service to identify betrayal of her husband or wife. We ensure that our employees work will be performed at the highest professional level. And even if it turns out that the fact of adultery takes place , then this information will be provided exclusively to our customers . And categorically unacceptable even thought that the data can fall into the hands of third parties .

Naturally, the scope of our activities does not apply exclusively to the issues of loyalty to check or verify the identity of his wife's lover client. Although in such a situation , if necessary, we are ready to conduct a thorough collection of information about a particular person or a particular event . Here you can get information not only about the fact of treason, but also know how long wife is cheating on her husband. At the same time , we always try to provide not just the data , but also prepare our client morally to ensure that the maximum he could adequately take this information . But not infrequently we have begun an investigation to continue implementation of the order associated with divorce because of infidelity women .

We wanted people to do Balakleya

In fact , the area of activity of our detective agency - is not only a city Balakleya, but all regions of Ukraine . So if you have lost someone of your friends , you need to search for relatives with whom communication was interrupted , we will not only be limited to one city , but will work on the result. And one of the methods of our work in this direction is the ability to find a person by phone number. Modern technology has vastly expand the capabilities of the various structures , and have the more private investigation . There are certain databases that help us to search for relatives more quickly . And even on databases phone numbers of people can be found by the name of a person .

If you are an entrepreneur

Not less frequent clients of our detective agency become businessmen and heads of organizations , as confronted with fraud , with the actions of certain spyware from their competitors. In this case, our job is basically starts with testing facilities to detect eavesdropping devices and eliminating bugs found . Nor do we recommend to carry out such work at regular intervals , because even if you set antiproslushku all their phones , it will not be a guarantee that the surveillance of a person to stop. And the bugs will not appear in your life.


Even successful search and the ability to rapidly detect the wiretap mobile phone does not protect you one hundred percent from penetrating into your life in the future. But our experts will give you a full and professional advice on matters related to your complete safety. And one of the important factors in this area is to check the polygraph all employees who come to you to get a job . Thus, you can reduce employment opportunities for you not only spies from competitors , but simply irresponsible people or those who can cause some harm to your organization .

Also lie detector helps in those cases when there is a theft in the enterprise, that does not have a photo- surveillance . And in such a situation we produce leaving specialists with the equipment to the crime scene .

Provide a wide range of services

Our detective agency you can find a solution to almost any problem from his people search for names and addresses of the establishment on the phone to prevent surveillance of human and asking who and why you decided to lead the surveillance. Call a detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv" now.

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