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Detective agency in Harkov

HarkovAny specific priorities of the detective agency "Private Detective Kharkov" does not exist, as we strive to make up for any needs of the residents of this city and find a solution to any of their problems. And so to us on a par with private clients are also traded company representatives, businessmen and entrepreneurs, representatives of various government agencies. And their interaction with us does not prevent also work with law enforcement agencies, even to some extent may be some kind of advantage.

But there are some services that are most in demand in our detective agency in Kharkov. One of them is related to the identification of infidelity husband or wife. In principle, there is nothing surprising in the popularity of this problem. After all, if the search for a stolen car or a problem of search for missing people in the first place to apply it to law enforcement authorities, then when a person has his suspicions of infidelity second half, there is even a question, but where to go with this problem. But now you can not worry about on this topic. If you began to suspect his wife that she had a lover, or even if you just want to find out if she had ever during your marriage ties on the side, it is our detective agency in Kharkov - that the place where you can get the answers to these questions.

Of course, this process will take some time to get reliable information, especially if it is not just about identifying the betrayal of her husband or wife at the moment, but the collection of information about the personal life in the past. But nothing is impossible and not real in this direction for such professionals who work in a detective agency in Kharkov. The main thing that you asked us at the very moment when you just have a question about, do not change whether you your significant other. The fact that not infrequently come to us already by those who themselves have made some attempts in the conduct of surveillance for a husband or wife, and were declassified in their espionage fraud. Of course, we will make every attempt to find a way out of this situation, but any action clients not agreed with the private detective, can greatly complicate its work. Therefore, we always recommend to all, not only do nothing on their own, but do not tighten the situation to a critical point where we already have to spend to solve it much more resources.

In addition to revealing the fact of adultery, we are happy to conduct an audit of allegiance to your second half. This service allows us to understand how to actually behave your fiancee or your partner, if it appears in a situation of seduction. How this person can be trusted in the future, or better to leave now rather than later to go through a divorce because of infidelity women. You can have no doubt in receiving information from us, as before transmitting it to the client, we check all the data for its accuracy.

collection of informationAnother quite popular service associated with locating individuals. And do not just think about the search for relatives of missing persons. These are the orders just more and are in the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies, even though we ourselves are always ready for such work. But increasingly turning to us to find a person by phone number, who stole it or which may come strange messages or calls. Working on databases phones people we rarely establish real addresses by phone scams and hackers. But beyond that, we also carry out a search for people by name, with which our client had not seen and wants to restore old friendships. And we can find a person by the name, regardless of exactly where he lives. For this purpose, even the database of our colleagues around the world.

Industrial espionage

Those who are engaged in the business, are familiar with this concept. And many have personally encountered a similar problem. Today, despite the availability of the latest technologies and the most advanced security systems to conduct surveillance of a person has become much easier. And certainly experienced spies use in their work all the advantages of the twenty-first century. Accordingly, in order to confront them and to prevent leakage of information to work with professionals who are themselves good specialists in this field. You can find them in our detective agency. For us, it will be very difficult to detect wiretapping of mobile phones as a result of the search for bugs, which, according to many of our clients, is one of the best antiproslushek modernity. As a result of our ongoing testing facilities to detect listening devices, we are always able to detect the presence of conducting covert surveillance photo for you. But to identify spies among your staff, we will lie detector. Use a polygraph test for their own purposes, and you'll always know who to trust and who - no.




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