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What can help a detective agency in Lyubotin


For several years a detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv" provides its services to the public , not only the city but also in other regions of Ukraine in solving almost any difficult or even just banal questions . Our detective agency open to all categories of customers , regardless of your status, status, income and other factors.

Finding relatives - promptly and professionally

Search of people - is one of the main directions of our work and is a serious problem that come to us in principle. If you have lost a child, left one of the relatives of the elderly at home and not returned to us, you can and should call immediately. We do not have regulations in terms of waiting time since missing person because we understand that in this matter every second counts . And in some cases we are able to quickly enough to find a person by phone number, in some others , we use a variety of resources and databases . But for us the most important thing is to work on the result, no matter how complicated the order with you.

Find people by name and may also apply to those situations when you just have lost touch with old friends , classmates , classmates . In this situation, we do a thorough collection of information and are even ready to set the address on the phone, if you have Room .

Why test for loyalty ?


Another quite popular services of our detective agency linked to the relationship between the spouses or just close friends. Unfortunately, infidelity - is a very common phenomenon in all countries and cities around the world , not only in Ukraine or city Lyubotin . And so many couples who are just planning to start a legitimate relationship, we recommend that you check each other's allegiance to a few years then you do not have to book with us identify infidelity husband or wife. If such verification , we develop individual scenario in accordance with the nature of the inspected person, his habits and inclinations . Creates a situation where he will succumb to provocation from the opposite sex or the same stand. This will be an indication of whether you can trust this person or not completely necessary to connect it with his life .

But if you're already involved with someone their own destiny and you have a suspicion that this man is cheating on you , then we can get psychological counseling on the subject of how you now need to operate correctly with your partner . Some men learn that their women have a lover , immediately comes to our lawyer to consult and file for divorce because of infidelity women . But not only the wife is guilty of betraying her husband. Here are some statistics and equal . We recommend its part not to take that risk , but simply determined by whether you need your spouse or not, in order not to have to deal with more serious problems. But in any situation we will be willing to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance .

Work for entrepreneurs

photo - surveillance

Today, almost any entrepreneur or just head of the organization knows what shadowing outsider spies as directly confronted with it in their daily work. But in this situation, employees detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv" provide verification of premises to identify the listening device , so you can feel completely safe , and important information from getting into the hands of your competitors. But it is important that even after we've completed a successful search for bugs and wiretaps will be able to detect mobile phone , you will certainly need to carry out such checks at regular intervals to prevent more intrusion into your private and professional life . At the same time we are also ready to advise you on the installation antiproslushki and other ways to protect against bugs .

In cases where the company there are various thefts , one option is to check the identification of the offender polygraph all personnel who may be involved in this crime . Call our detective agency in Lyubotin and our staff will bring a lie detector in your organization and carry out all necessary actions , as well as check results of photo - video , if you have carried out .


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