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Who can I contact if you began to feel that your husband is cheating on you ? Not always close friends can support and understand , and their advice is likely to be banal and predictable. But if there is a problem , then it should just decide what you will certainly help and psychologists experienced detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv ", which also works in Orilka . Of course, some of his wife in retaliation tend to take a lover , and as a result the family begins to reap separately, each with their lives, that sooner or later in any case to a divorce because of infidelity women or men .

But if you want to solve the problem and keep the family unit , you will certainly need to take certain steps . If you only suspect your mate of adultery , but not sure about this one hundred percent , then we will carry on your request identifying her husband's infidelity . Thus, all your suspicions will receive confirmation or fade . And it is not surprising that sooner or later you just want to check for fidelity to its second ladles , even if there is no reason for this . The fact is that any relationships undergo certain crises that you just need to survive and overcome together and not run and file for divorce because of infidelity women . But understand that it makes no sense to worry , you will be exactly specialists from our detective agency . And if you're still faced with the betrayal of her husband or wife , you can count on the support of psychologists , who have extensive experience in dealing with such issues and many other problems that so often appear in the family.

What if the man under surveillance ?

Many believe that the surveillance of a person refers specifically to the activities of private detectives. But rarely come to us are people who find that for them it was established surveillance by some unknown spies. Our task in this situation is not only to find out who exactly set for you photo - surveillance, and possibly collect information from other sources , but also to best protect you in the future from repeating such a scenario. In this process, an essential action is to seek bugs . It is a thorough and professional inspection of premises to detect eavesdropping device allows us to detect various wiretapping mobile phones , third-party access to your database , if you are a manager or senior officer of a company .

Even if you use antiproslushkoy , it can not be an absolute guarantee of security of your information. Especially bugs that are installed not only in phones, but also furniture, placed in the car, put in pockets . And our experts , knowing the psychology and principles of operation of such spies can provide all these nuances and thoroughly check every hiding place , where it can be placed a bug .


We also provide the service of locating individuals. And it emerges not only in those situations where you need to organize a search for relatives because of their loss or , on the contrary , the sudden appearance of the information that you have another family , but also in cases when there are certain crimes. It may be theft in the workplace, which often occur on the part of employees. And in this situation, we begin the search for people by name and other data provided by you . If you received any strange calls threatening or other unintelligible messages , we also important to find a person by phone number from which you are calling . In the first place we tried to locate the owner of the device at a time , figuring his parallel address by telephone.

But you can make an effort to advance what would be the maximum to protect themselves from hiring people with a dubious reputation. Help you to be able to check this on a polygraph . Our experience shows that after the use of lie detector virtually every leader who spoke to us was able to gather a really good and reliable team of employees , which then do not have to search by last name.

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