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As detectives work in Lozovaja


Despite the fact that the city is a regional Lozovaja , here you can also get professional help and support from the staff of the detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv". The main advantage of working with us is that our detective agency - it's a great team of professionals in a certain area . For example, when it comes to revealing her husband's infidelity , it is natural in this process will be directly included private agents who have extensive experience in surveillance of man. But if you want a divorce because of infidelity women , then your best assistant in this matter will be our professional lawyer .

Moreover, the practice of our work shows that it is not always exactly infidelity leads to divorce. There are situations where you can still make some effort and save your marriage . But even in such cases, the spouses need outside help and support that they have always ready to our psychologists . If you are after revealing his wife's infidelity to her husband suspected her that she had a lover , and long before the manifestation of this fact , and therefore there is a risk that your child may be a general you do not native , our expertise to establish paternity will give his undeniable answer to this question .

Revealing her husband's infidelity - is not the most pleasant procedure , especially when you consider that his mistress may be quite familiar to you woman, and in some cases, even a close friend . But not to torture yourself guesses and suspicions empty , sometimes worth to take the risk and order the complete collection of information on the life and activities of your spouse outside the family nest . The staff of our detective agency in Lozovaja are particularly tact that you will notice when you transfer data. All information is transmitted exclusively to the customer , no matter what the scope of his life may concern contacting us.

Quick search for relatives

Another fairly common problem in the family in addition to verification of allegiance is to search for relatives. And here it may not only relate to the old grandmother, who left the house and forgot exactly where she lives , but also for children, which can be a complete misunderstanding and occasional conflicts . Adolescents often respond to a misunderstanding in the family is his disappearance , and it all might end up traveling to another city . But it was a wide geographical coverage of our detective agency allows us to search of people not only in Lozovaja , but even outside of Ukraine itself . Here we use all possible resources to help was the most effective and efficient . Quite often we are able to find a person by phone number, if it makes him calls.

But the search for people by name refers not only to family matters . Often turn to us with a request to set the address on the phone some old friend or classmate with whom communication broke . But often our clients are entrepreneurs detective agency whose employees have committed theft in the company and disappeared. First we try to find by name, cycling and other parallel search tools , including databases .

How to protect your company ?


The first important factor in ensuring the safety of a photo - surveillance . The presence of surveillance is often a deterrent to criminal activity on the part of employees. Certainly need periodic inspection of premises to identify the bug . It bugs use in their work different spies to gather important information about competitors in the business. But should also understand that simply detect wiretapping cell phones in this situation may not be enough , because after a while the bugs may appear again, and even antiproslushka may not always work one hundred percent . Accordingly, it is necessary to do these checks at regular intervals .

And that to recruit people who want to work from you , and not parallel to cooperate with your competitors , it is necessary to use a polygraph interview . It checks the polygraph makes Applicant information that he may have deliberately trying to hide .

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