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Who to call when problems pressed against the wall? Who always understand or refuse to help? Who will be able to provide this assistance in a professional manner ? Not always our friends and loved ones have the necessary resources and knowledge to organize search of people missing . And even the police can not always help in this matter quickly enough . Not everyone 's best friend will lie detector to check all of the staff at work when detecting the theft of material assets or information. But you can always count on professional help and support from the detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv".

Our detective agency works not only in high but also in Ukraine. Thus, if you want to book revealing her husband's infidelity , that Thou would have left on a trip to another country , you can also call our experts. If necessary, work abroad our detective agency draws the assignment of colleagues in a country where it is necessary to perform or sends an employee on a business trip . Adultery - this is an area that holds a special place in the statistics made us orders. And the question here is not even the fact that someone is someone is changing, but the fact that people just doubt the loyalty of its representatives.


If you do not want to allow such suspicions regarding his alleged second half in the future, before they give their consent to a marriage proposal or to make such an offer , you can take advantage of loyalty checks . In such a situation to be put in charge of the subject confides our specialist whose task is to do everything to seduce your darling or darling . And if a person is prone to change , then you 'll know it . With this you can observe the entire process personally , for all meetings or receive a report made the same again during our photo - surveillance . This service involves the development of individual scenario . We need to get information about the tested maxim man. And we guarantee that he or she did not even guess what it was all organized with your submission. One of the important conditions of our work is complete confidentiality . All progress reports , current information on the status of the job , whether it's surveillance of a person seeking relatives or identify your lover's wife , provided directly to the customer or to an authorized person from it .

Help narrowly focused specialists

Our detective agency work not only detectives who deal directly detective and detective work , but also other experts : psychologists, lawyers , graphology . So if you decide that you need a divorce because of infidelity women , our experienced lawyers are always available . But it is also a betrayal of his wife and her husband could provide a reason for treatment to a psychologist in order to obtain outside help to save the marriage.

Assistance to entrepreneurs

A special category of our customers - are entrepreneurs . Today common that in business there are always spies who are looking for weaknesses in the companies and transfer the information to competitors. It could be your own employees . To avoid such situations , we recommend to arrange a polygraph test during the interview when taking people to work , and also recommend a regular check of the premises to identify the bug . We use only the latest equipment , which allows us to detect wiretapping cell phones with them. Believe me, it is much more efficient than using a simple antiproslushki . We spend quality search for bugs in your office, home, in the car.

Search people

This is another problem , which is very relevant in today's world. But here is a question not only about missing people. We can find a person by phone number or find by name. The main thing that you have provided the raw data were reliable. In their absence, we do spend gathering information on its own databases and other resources , but your assistance will help you find the address on the phone much faster.

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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