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Private Detective in Ukrainian

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Private Detective in Ukrainian


The legitimacy of private investigation in Ukraine

How important for the legitimacy of private investigation? Now, this issue has become one of the most important in making a new bill. Can private detectives to do what is not prohibited, but it is and has no solution? And on the one hand, without them can not today do very many. On the other hand there is the question of how such assistance is in the legal field.

How strict limits set for the investigators?

Needless to say that the detectives are working really completely underground. They had not intended for the activity. But there is a problem that just do not have any influence over their work, do not have the guides, which would allow to understand what you can do and what not to do. But this does not mean that their work is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine. Anyway, clearly, that they can not engage in wiretapping facilities and it is impossible for covert surveillance. So explain this situation Igor Malovsky. However, this issue is already under its operational decisions.

It is possible that after the twelfth April draft was submitted to the Parliament, will be adopted the law "On private detective activity" that would allow the detectives to work legally and freely, like the rest of the organization. Moreover, the law opens the door very wide, some on the way detectives, despite the fact that they themselves are not yet much in awe of the changes that need to occur soon. They will be allowed to use video and audio equipment. But it is extremely forbidden to collect information about some personal facts of human life, including going into its religious and political component.

But the problem for investigators is that they now fall under the strict control of the MUP. And in this case will not be any possibility to go abroad without fear of a penalty for their illegal actions. Of course, this is the most extreme case. Still, there is hope that our detectives, still the same as their colleagues from other countries who are working legally, will closely cooperate with law enforcement agencies and take part of the tasks.

Service for Othello

If you are wondering about how many detective agencies working at the moment on the territory of Ukraine, you can get just the official figures due to the fact that no accurate count was not engaged specifically and automatically due to the lack of official registration of such information not fixed. But in any case, their number is about two thousand. And each of them is a stream of customers. Of which, perhaps, still the most part consists of simple individuals who wish to find out some facts from the life of his old friends who have not met for many years. People Search - this is one of the most popular at the moment services. Moreover, searching for the different people. It could be former boss, ex-husbands and wives, as well as debtors, swindlers, pop stars and movies. In short, is a group of people searching for that unique will not engage in law enforcement representatives.

The next most important issue is related to infidelity. But here you must be prepared for the fact that it may take a lot of time to investigate. Although in some cases the figure of a lover or a mistress fails and much faster. And in such a situation you should be prepared for what will have to pay serious money for the services of detectives. That's just when investigating infidelity price tag is about three hundred and fifty dollars a day, and the organization will need to find people to do the costs from 250 to 500 dollars.

It does not apply to low-cost service and a polygraph examination, which often are the entrepreneurs to conduct inspection among its employees and subordinates and to understand which of them can be trusted and with whom it is time to leave. This service is one and a half thousand hryvnia. But it's worth it, as the verification of the premises to detect listening devices. In principle, it is for the business in many ways - private detectives are real salvation when there is a suspicion of commercial espionage, financial fraud and other actions that can destroy a business. Means necessary to carry out inspections of premises to detect listening devices, which will best protect themselves.

How to expose on the site?

Private Investigators - these are the people who do not have to work on a holiday, but they also get bored do not give the same customers who apply for a particular help, especially if these clients to get bored once happened to one man, who has asked investigators to conduct surveillance on one person. Here only extremely suspicious at first behaved this man. The impression that he is aware of what is happening. And what a surprise it was the detectives when they found out that followed the customer. The problem is not that they were wrong, and that the man really had ordered surveillance of themselves.

But detectives and customers can also sometimes surprising results of their work, as happened to one customer, who began to suspect his wife of infidelity. This is not surprising, because the woman had become too late to go home, she emerged from the jewelry that did not exist before. As a result, it became clear that a secret from her husband lady began practicing his own business.
But not only such orders are popular. Often called upon to organize a provocation of the second half, to personally see him, or they will respond to the seduction of an experienced person.

Sometimes the client issues such circus that is simply not know how to react to all this. For example, a head of the company, began to suspect their employees in wrongdoing, he has hired a detective as a new employee to investigate. But the next day he himself had announced his decision to all the staff.

Is it possible to use the experience of others?

Of course, one hundred percent experience of other countries, which have long been legalized private investigation, can not be taken into account. But do not pay attention to it as impossible. Especially if we are talking about several countries that have similar tendencies after this law was passed. For example, in Russia only in the first two years is not just increased the number of security companies, and has more than six thousand. Exceeds the number of investigators regarding the police and in England, and not less than twice. And if we talk about America, it is not simply the number of investigators more than one million, but the budget for such organizations in half more than the budget of the police.

The article was prepared by Anna Goncharenko using material detective agency "Conrad. - (http://www.dobrobut.biz.ua/)"

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