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Daily inhabitants of our country in major cities and regional centers are faced with different challenges and need a professional and effective help from the experts. Someone needs to make an urgent gathering information to address important business issues or in relation to a particular person , someone needs to check for guaranteed fidelity second ladles . And with whatever problem you may have encountered , you can always count on the support staff of the detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv", which also operate in the city and Bogodukhov .

Why you can trust

One of the important principles on which our detective agency work is complete secrecy . Each of our clients have already asked us for help, already convinced that we obtained information from him or in the course of a particular investigation , for example, in identifying her husband's infidelity , not got to a third party . And we use this principle in all orders, not even the most significant in its importance .

Also, no less important principle in any job - is an individual approach to each client. Especially it is needed , when it comes to adultery. Although at first glance , it seems that in such matters , everything is standard and is clear enough, in fact each pair has its own problems that do not end banal asking the question of who to whom and with whom changes . Especially that divorce because of infidelity women often affects other family members. And in such situations, we recommend our clients to connect our experienced psychologist who helps or solve the issues that arise in this process , or just less painful to go through the situation. But the standard solutions do not exist.

There are , of course, and some recommendations , which must try to fulfill the client and if decides to entrust us to solve your question . For example, when talking about his wife's infidelity to her husband , or vice versa , you should not parallel with the work of our own detective and arrange shadowing person, even if you want to find out who exactly is her lover . Our experience shows that unprofessional surveillance will never give the results that brings well-planned work of experienced private investigators .

Close collaboration with entrepreneurs

Our detective agency is enough to work closely with many CEOs and business owners , as we have all the necessary technical equipment to ensure the security of your company database from the penetration of various types of spyware. We can give you advice on the subject of how best photo you install video surveillance your office or home, so that in case of any accidents or theft could use these records for further investigation.

Address by phone

Even if you are sure that you have not installed the bugs and your antiproslushka running smoothly and protects you from the leak of information, checking the premises to identify the listening device is simply a necessary additional measure for your safety. And this has been repeatedly thorough search of bugs allowed us to detect wiretapping cell phones. When hiring new employees, we recommend the use of lie detector that you be sure that all data provided in the questionnaire are real. Otherwise , it is possible that you contact us with a request to arrange a search of people that you have worked , but disappeared , and to find a person by phone number is not even possible .

But our experienced detectives can organize people search by name and address will install them on the phone. In any case, do not neglect the polygraph test , so you can immediately to avoid such unpleasant moments .

And even more , you can count on us when you want to search for relatives.

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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