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If you have a question about where you can go if you need any assistance from the detective agency , the only solution would be to call a detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv", whose members also work in the city Barvenkovo . We operate in completely different ways of life of our customers, allowing us to provide services to both private individuals and public institutions , and private companies. Thus, if you plan to produce a set of employees to positions of responsibility , but not sure about the veracity of their data in the summary and the completed questionnaires , we have you can order a polygraph test . In this situation, our staff will not only provide all the necessary equipment , but will also participate in the verification process and give their professional opinions .

Help with family matters

Lie detector is popular not only among CEOs , but also deceived husbands and wives who want to understand how sincere with them their choices . Do not neglect this opportunity and in that situation , if you work from home or just a nanny governess in the fairness of which you have doubts began to arise . Incidentally, in this case as a test can also use photo - surveillance, which are installed in your home or office is a legitimate act of the property owner . Thus, you can not only see the whole process of working people , arranged by you , but to prevent the possibility of illegal theft of property. You will have compelling evidence against criminals , that you can use in court and in the immediate consequence of the commission of the crime.

Returning to the question of family relationships , we note that even in identifying her husband's infidelity should not take radical decisions and immediately put an end. It is possible that more will be able to save a marriage by mutual consent of the parties and not to involve in this issue of our lawyer , which provides consulting and other services in the decision to divorce because of infidelity women . When your desire to save your marriage after infidelity you can count on the support of our psychologists Barvenkovo . Sometimes there are situations where the appearance of the lover of his wife blame the husband himself . But to each question must be approached individually.

But not to face the fact that your significant other is cheating on you ladle , can use this service , as a check on loyalty, which will allow you to understand what kind of man you are planning to link their lives even before the joint family life. In any situation, we guarantee complete privacy and full support from our experts , because the understanding that the issue of infidelity husband or wife is not just squeamish , but sharp enough and often traumatic.

Our advantages

wiretapping of mobile phonesOne of the advantages of our detective agency Barvenkovo is that we provide a wide enough range of services. With us you can order as a check at the premises to identify the bug and wanted people. And very often one order follows from another . If you have a suspicion that you conducted for surveillance, we not only find out who among the spies decided to make surveillance of man, but also carry a complete collection of information about the intruder . Quite often the search results not only bugs advice regarding installation antiproslushki , but also fully protected database of our client.

Also, you can expect that we will be able not only to detect wiretapping cell phones, but also to find a person by phone number from which you received strange calls . Find people by name carried out not only with a view to re-establish contact with him , but also to bring to the legal responsibility of having committed an offense. Also, this method is used when searching for relatives who disappeared under certain circumstances.

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