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Detective Agency " Private detective Kharkiv" - a whole team of highly trained private investigators with years of experience in their field. This approach to workflow allows us to solve many tasks quite successfully and in the shortest time . Thus, you can contact us not only with the problems associated with the search for people, but also to the need to establish family ties or check human lie detector . If you suspect your loved one in adultery , then answer all your questions will also be able to our detective agency Zmieeve undertaking rigorous and thorough information gathering.

Our assistance in family matters

Our detective agency work not only agents that carry out activities aimed at identifying her husband's infidelity , but also experts who are always ready to help our customers in terms of psychological support or counseling if necessary matters of divorce because of infidelity women or men . But in situations where you're just planning to get married , but are not sure of reliability of his companion or companions , use our services such as checking for loyalty. In this case , we create a situation where all of these qualities manifest person. And if he is able to commit adultery , then this fact will certainly become apparent to you. We give an absolute guarantee that the inspected person about anything absolutely not guess , and disclose his or her own idea , will decide only you and then, depending on the circumstances.

If you want to know who is cheating on you the other half , who your wife's lover , call us now. Even when his wife's husband takes some time to establish all the facts of the crime family . But we do not recommend you to conduct independent investigations as they may give you completely wrong information, even if you are constantly conduct surveillance for telephone husband or wife. This is due to the fact that when a person feels betrayed and abandoned , he begins to act solely on emotion . All reasonable approach to solving the problem turns off instantly, and you can just do something silly or wishful thinking , then even our arguments or results of photo - video will not be able to convince you that you really change your partner .

You are being followed ? call us

You become just feel that someone is spying on you , as a man who could be of interest for spies ? Stop living in constant fear and fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Our experts in Snakes are now ready to go to your office or home to conduct an audit of premises to identify the listening device and various bugs .

surveillance of human

We guarantee that our thorough approach to work and a closer search allows us to detect wiretapping of mobile phones, wherever they have been installed. Our experts will tell you all the information about how to use and more antiproslushkoy prevent installation bugs in your room. But in the case of the theft at your company one of the options investigation must necessarily be a check of all personnel on a polygraph . Thus, you are guaranteed to be able to calculate whether there are spies among your employees. And if such a situation suddenly someone disappears , we can also conduct further investigations aimed at finding people by name , to set the address on the phone.

By the way , the ability to find a person by phone number we use , the code search relatives. There are certain databases that we have in this great help. But the ability to find the right person by the name - this is not the only thing that can actually employees of our detective agency in Snakes . Please contact us if any problem appears completely , and we will certainly look for a solution.

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