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Anyone who needs help highly qualified private investigator in Pokotilovka can count on the operational work of the detective agency " Private detective Kharkiv". We work in many different directions and provide our services , both for individuals and for businesses . Very many companies turn to us with a request to verify the premises to detect eavesdropping devices in offices and other areas of production to ensure complete safety against penetration spies hired by competitors.

Search for bugs , we also produce and homes, apartments , as well as in cars, while making every effort to detect wiretapping cell phones. It is worth noting that even if you have installed antiproslushka , it can not be a guarantee that you will not be installed more modern and sophisticated bugs capable in any circumstances to gather information and pass it on certain channels attackers . An additional method of security can be a photo - video installation . It is especially important to do it in large enterprises in industrial premises , where possible theft by staff it . Call us now at our detective agency in Pokotilovka , and our experts will advise you on all these issues.

If suddenly brewing divorce

Your husband or wife told you about his desire to file for divorce without explanation or explaining it too evasive and unclear ? Turning to us, you can be sure that we can find out what exactly was the reason for such a decision. It is possible that here we have to be adultery , admit that your significant other does not want for one reason or another .

Revealing her husband's infidelity - is one of our activities . This service is free you to take personal attempts in the outdoor observation his elect , that will save you time and effort . Especially that personally see the one with which you change Pokotilovka husband or any other city , can not every woman to still maintain complete calm and not do something silly . The same applies to men , which is best not to deal personally with his wife's lover . Entrust all this work to professionals to take any message including treason wife husband more calmly and coolly , if such treachery really is the place to be .

But if the divorce because of infidelity women still inevitable , our lawyers provide consultancy services to resolve this issue . They are also ready to take on all the work on the preparation of necessary documents and represent you in court if it comes to that . And to avoid divorce in principle , have the option of checking your allegiance future spouse . In this case, developed a special script certain actions on the part of our staff , the actor who will play the role of seducer . And if a person is prone to change , then he just can not resist showing all his qualities of character . And you know it , before formally enroll their relationship. Be assured that in the provision of this service will be conducted constant surveillance of the man , and possibly with your participation , so as not to have been made erroneous conclusions .

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Also find out whether you are a man speaks the truth , it is possible when using the polygraph. Polygraph testing is always a guaranteed outcome, because this technique does not deceive possible rare exceptions , if a person has no training. But this is extremely rare , and certainly not in family or production issues .

Organize people search

Please contact us if there is to find a person by phone number. We will use all possible for this database , especially when it comes to locating the relatives , suddenly disappeared in unknown circumstances . Also set the address on the phone when you can not find by name.


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