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Customer reviews of the detective agency "Private detective in Kharkiv"


I am grateful for the professionally provided services. The text of a positive review, please write yourself.

Kharkiv, Igorapkar@gmail.com

Silenova Natalia

Thank you for your help in finding a friend who went missing during the war.

Kharkiv, +380678368760 , natamiussr@gmail.com , https://ok.ru/profile/337513336145

Natalia Gruzd

Many thanks to the company for the work done. Everything was done accurately and on time, the nuances of the assignment were immediately clarified. Tailored to the client. After payment, they immediately sent a report with high-quality photos and a detailed description.

+380934525459 , https://instagram.com/ni.ka2429 , https://vk.com/id533266236 


Natalia V

I am very grateful to the detective agency "Private detective Kharkiv" for help in finding the contact details of one person, they did their job very quickly, left a good impression, if you need detective services again, I will contact them!

Kharkov, lucky526282@gmail.com

Ivanov Pavel Vladimirovich

I never write reviews about different companies. So I had a not very ordinary situation. A missing person will not write what and why. The task was to locate the person and collect as much information as possible. The guys worked on 5+! Quickly and efficiently, pros in their field, so if someone doubts the choice of a company, then I advise everyone only this detective bureau! Special thanks to Sergey! 
Kharkiv, +380662465194

Plushenko Larisa Alexandrovna

Life is full of surprises! So in my case, we expected one, and after a detective investigation, we have what we have. And there is nothing better than knowing the truth, I am quite satisfied with the result, I can recommend it to my relatives and friends. I will contact you again if needed! You have a useful role in society, I wish you good clients, and successful proceedings!

Kharkov, +380958381787 , +380997723679 , https://ok.ru/profile/514591560032 , selezneva-1973@mail.ru

Lilia Stepanovna Pinchukova

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for your help in resolving my difficult issue for me. Thanks to the professionalism of your agency staff and focus on achieving results, I was able to clarify the situation and put all the points. I will be glad to continue to use your services if you need help. Anyone who needs reliable information, I recommend contacting your detective agency. Real help in solving complex issues and everything becomes clear and understandable.

city of Dergachi, Kharkov region, +380661471772 , lilya.pinchukova@gmail.com , https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034368923556

Dmitry Nikolaevich Pukhov

The author of the seminar "Strength of the Family" I express my gratitude to the detective agency "Private detective Kharkiv" for the work done! They found my distant relatives with whom contact had been lost since 1977. Now we communicate and keep in touch.

Moscow, +79672531500 , https://www.facebook.com/dmitrypuhov , https://www.instagram.com/dmitrypuhov/ , https://vk.com/id2284514 , https://ok.ru/ profile/404731336

Belevtsova Inga Vasilievna

I contacted this agency, performed the work professionally, sensitively, treated it carefully and gave all the information possible in specific circumstances.

Thank you so much! inga1990_belevtsova@meta.ua

Gynecologist, Gladkova Natalya

Incredible professionalism in resolving issues. If you need an intellectual approach, with psychological analysis and human advice - you are here!

thank Kharkiv, +380509355342, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003966806226 , https://www.instagram.com/intimnaiaplastika/

Oksana Song

Thank you for your prompt work, on a weekend holiday, helped with checking the car for bugs ... advised on issues of interest, we will contact you and recommend to friends! I give permission to post a review with my contact details!

Kharkiv, www.instagram.com/xeniapisnia/ , www.facebook.com/oxanapesnia , kastrama@bk.ru

Babenko Elena Vladimirovna

I addressed a problem regarding the search for a relative. They solved my problem quickly and competently. A very sensible approach to solving the issue.

Recommend!!! Kiev, +380500813958 , Olurb30@i.ua

Vyalykh Pavel Viktorovich, St. Petersburg Bar Association "Triumph"



St. Petersburg Bar Association "Triumph" https://tph-group.ru/lawyers/ , Russia, 191186, St. Petersburg, st. Malaya Morskaya, 11, Gratitude I express my sincere gratitude to the detective agency "Private detective Kharkiv" for the prompt and high-quality work performed. Thanks to your professionalism, competence and dedication to your noble cause over the years, we have received a high-quality result at the highest level. We wish you optimism, well-being and success in your difficult, but so important work!


Sincerely, Advisor to the President of the International Association of Detectives, lawyer of the SPKA "Triumph", Vyalykh Pavel Viktorovich, +79312686888 , Vyalder@gmail.com


Linkoian Pinto

Thanks for all! I needed to find a person, starting with a photo, they helped me find it. Now I have a new form to speak to her without the help of the bride. They work like professionals.

Chile, City: Rancagua +56969012182, skype: live: lincoyan.pinto , lincoyan.pinto@outlook.com

Meshcheryakov Pavel Nikolaevich

Good day. Thank you guys for the work done. I was looking for a girl whom I had not seen for 6 years. Her phone number, which I had, was no longer valid. I provided all the available information about her with a request to find and, if possible, determine the current phone number. The guys coped with these two questions promptly: they determined the actual place of residence in 1.5 days, the phone number in 10 minutes.

Thank. +380937008701, +380739182887, 28mpaveln@gmail.com


For a long time I was looking for a childhood friend. The task was complicated by the fact that he left for another city for a long time and the information about his whereabouts was inaccurate. Over the past years, even the surname has been forgotten. From the source data there was only a name, date of birth and old address. In the course of work, the agency’s specialists not only clarified the surname, but determined the current address and, most importantly, the phone number.


Guchmazov Sergey Fedorovich

Thank you guys, you can vouch in acute life situations!

+380500266552, https://ok.ru/profile/577383008534

Kozovnik Sergey Andreevich

I turned to the Detective Agency "Private Detective Kharkov" and was pleased with the result of the work of specialists - who work in it! It was necessary to verify the accuracy of the information regarding my girlfriend, because - after 2 years of living together, she - began to behave suspiciously, not always - answered my calls, it happened - that she didn’t sleep at home, allegedly stayed with a girlfriend, or with her parents ! As a result, it turned out, after the detective had done the work, that she was cheating on me! I thank the agency staff, albeit for the bitter truth!

+380500211455, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100023868464512

Natalya Gubareva

Hello! I want to express my gratitude for the professionalism and help in resolving my issue. I have been looking for a classmate friend for a long time, and thanks to your agency, we met after many years.

Thank !!!! https://ok.ru/profile/274238232105 , www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100023859289720


Previously, I did not come across the need to check a person for wrongdoing when hiring. When a question arose, I turned to the detective agency for help. As a result, I received expert advice and a solution to this issue.

Recommend. Alexey +380969249349, alexinfrai@gmail.com

Konstantin Myagkoy

Good day to all. I never wrote reviews, but this time I decided to write reviews. In life, things happen here and I had to turn to a private agency. I needed to find a person, and since I could not come to the office from another city, I had to communicate via the Internet at my own peril and risk. My fears were in vain as the work was done quickly within a day without any problems, for which I am very grateful. I will not write the reason for the appeal, because it is a private matter, and the agency is real and does its job without deception. I am not a bot, but a real person who contacted this agency.

If anyone doubts I can personally confirm  Konstantin Myagkoy, +79017019884, +380638492573, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100032009649630


Thank you for your help in finding a person. A friend disappeared from the correspondence, I had limited information about her, I needed an address. Literally in one day they showed me the exact address. Thanks to this, I managed to meet and talk.

Thanks a lot for the speed! +380686087480, skype: miggmagg, www.facebook.com/mihail.goncharovgoryansky

S. Hristov

I became a victim of Internet fraud from one dating site. Classical scheme - long communication and conversations without a camera (almost 5 months), then she needs the money (not so much), I decide to help her and then she disappears completely. I turned to the detectives. Worked with them removed (I'm in another country). Gave them all the information I have and they took up business. The task was complicated and they completed it a little later than the timeframe that was first discussed. The result was remarkable: found a girl from the photos that this swindler used; found a questionable scam, which turned out to be not the same girl from the photos and not at all the same. The result gave me peace of mind. Got a good lesson in life.

Thank you very much!  https://vk.com/svetdrakon , cyklio_88@abv.bg , skype: svetlancho1

Sidorov Alexey Alexandrovich

I met a girl who was passing through in Kharkov. Very pleased, you rarely meet a man with whom you can communicate without words, with your eyes alone. We exchanged phone numbers and she went to her hometown. But after some time, disappeared, the phone was switched off, the only thread that connected us broke. I was very sorry that I did not ask her in more detail, that I did not recognize her other contacts; as it seemed to me then, there is a number - you can always phone. I tried to find it on my own, but finding a girl, based only on the description in a city of many thousands, is almost impossible. The last hope was the detective agency. At first I did not believe that for such a quantity of data (city of residence, name, phone number, age), you can find a person. But they did it! I do not know how, but found! These are not just professionals in their field, they are masters of the highest level. It seems to me that there are no impossible tasks for them. Thank you for your help, you found the right person and brought me back to life. Be sure to advise your agency to your friends and family. Once again many thanks! Your help is invaluable.

+380939758097, alexsi.raw@gmail.com , www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022230225381, https://vk.com/h8__u, skype: unifekt

Sergey Shenkman, Lemgo, Germany (Skype: s.chenk, s.chenk@gmx.dе)

I send feedback on the work done. I would like to thank the detective bureau for its quick and competent work. The office helped me in identifying the person I met on the dating site. And helped in the prevention of fraud.

Walter Bruderer

Search the problem was a man in Kharkov. Through the Internet I found a private detective in Mr. Sergey. Private detktive in Kharkov, Ukraine. I have had different clues, such as name, age and date of birth, divorced, daughter, born in 2008, who lives in Kharkov, and found that the person in the Russian-dat-m. I have such information. The email address and the name of Skype. As soon as a woman divorced, there was a small problem, because the family name is now and how it is written. Now the lady gave me a long request to confirm Skype. Now we can talk about Skype. This is an order of Sergei. Private detective in Kharkov completed successfully. I have to thank for the fact that I received friendly support from this detective agency, it was just as good as the day and night to serve, so that dases train went forward. Once again, my sincere thanks.
Walter Bruderer, Portugal, skype: flemming7710 , w.bruddu@sapo.pt , +351935654715

A.V. Stepanov

I express my gratitude to the team of the detective agency "Private detective Kharkiv" for qualified assistance, as well as for the prompt and competent solution of the task of obtaining complex archival documents.

I look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

I wish you successful development and achievement of new goals!

Thank you, best regards, A.V. Stepanov

Limited Liability Company United Design Bureau "Ilysium"
129223, Moscow, Prospect Mira, 119, All-Russian Exhibition Center, building No. 559

Daria Zinoviev.

Thank you, I have the highest praise your work and very grateful. I suspected her husband of infidelity, was something he was to disappear, is not to lie, to avoid me. I thought, of course, that he kept a mistress. Decided to test the detectives. Everything turned out worse, and better.


I asked for help from this site. It was necessary to find a person having a minimal amount of data (not even image, accurate names and other specific information). I was just surprised that after 2 weeks, the search proved successful, and I was given detailed information and contacts for communication. I am very happy that I helped this agency, that the most important thing in good faith to fulfill an order, these people are really professionals in their field.

ICQ 390-180-710

Family Lubchenco.

About the situation, I still hurt to speak, write, and only thanks to those who have done so much for us, makes me write this review. In our family, there was a tragedy, suicide. But we do not believe that this is so. A police investigation did not want them to close easier as the deprivation of his own life. The investigation was not easy, but our version is confirmed that no suicide this was and is guilty. Next is to send the collected information to the police. Brought them what they are not ours. We hope for a fair outcome. Thank you from the family Lubchenco for your work.

Ivchenko Vitaly.

Today, many of the processes are much more profitable to outsource and use the services of freelancers more profitable. Here are just a few circuits scroll to deceive customers. I was ignorant in this field, and he was caught. I took a large deposit, provide a guarantee, which, as it turned out, had no value. What to do, where to look for the guilty, did not know. Blamed his credulity, and a colleague advised to give the issue professionals find. Indeed, they found a man, even though the data about it was at least. Money back. I will continue to smarter, thank you!

Stas Rudin.

When we were a family, I did not appreciate what he had. Work and friends were in the first place. Wife, son, it seems that there is and always will be. Very much I hurt my wife. Prior to this offense, but this time she did not want to forgive. Severed all ties and left. I can not find any half-year end. Paid a private detective Kharkiv. They found me a husband. Managed to beg for another chance. Now we'll be all right. Grateful to you for this!

Love Andreichenko

I've been in business, I have my agency. But it is not a detective, and personnel. So, here, in-house staff can not check. But this nannies, governesses, domestic workers, who then go into the house to people, and people are not poor. Take responsibility for them at times scary. But since then, I became a regular customer of the detective agency, for the reputation of the business is not afraid. If you say single, pure one. Customers do not complain, everyone is happy. Detectives are working carefully, and the subject does not even realize that his studied and checked inside and out. Will address more than once! Thank you.


I stole the idea of business as my friends. It was a long time ago. And now I do not trust scattered. Of 5 of my following ideas all 5 shot well, and all because the partners have been thoroughly tested in the agency, which themselves do not know. That's right, and the only way you can be sure that the investment repulse. Thank you for your confidence in the future. Good luck!


Honestly, for me sins are found on women's issues. But all is well, until the threat is no family life, no business. One after the novel Madame started a blackmail. The island: and put it in place, and to observe confidentiality. This situation was not re detectives private detective. Blackmailer to collect compromising themselves quickly, which made her up. And its possible to withdraw the video record. From the heart was relieved that the hot is not caught. And I think - tie. Thank you again, you know, no matter you would be wrong.

Anatoliy Zubkov.

My wife and I recently visited a sensitive and very unpleasant situation. My wife is a teacher, and the middle classes, and the area of the city we have this - teenage kids, often without a roof. So we began to appear that killed the mouse under the door, then the labels indecent. Wife cheated all the children, advised not to pay attention. But that poisoned our dog, a child tragedy, somehow it became apparent that more and more serious. Began to send threat. My friend turned to the agents on the issue of divorce, advised me to contact. Tracked avenger, and not teenagers it was (though after the dogs and we do think so.) It turned out, a distant relative, a will hurt late grandmother, and even with the diagnosis. It is impossible for patients to be offended, but it's now even cured. And we live in peace, and in such a horrible child more stress will be. A friend was right, you are the master of his craft. Thank you!

Lydia M. Pustoychenko.

Such is life, so that to find the truth, we should go to the detectives! With her husband saved their children in an apartment for years, the dream has come true, and son-parents helped. Wants grandchildren, children make flat, even giving birth. Well that the son decided to check it from your employees. Seemed suspiciously low price, and then we were happy. In general, almost butted in a scam. And took a small loan for the remaining amount, and the children are already in your space. Oh, and for a long time to repay debts, if not for your timely help! And they themselves would be able to remain without a roof. Thanks, guys, for such assistance, may all your affairs disclosed.

Roman Borisov.

Once parked under the porch in the early morning, almost at night with a friend agreed that taking him to the station. It turned out, check-out has changed, and he decided not to call me, do not wake him. So in this wretched night my car was stolen. Yes, I am grateful and law enforcement agencies that helped return it to me. But it could only find this detective agency. Maybe, the police found a used, but no one knows when. And I fly on it now. I would advise all of you my friends as a great alternative to the solution of all problem issues.

Ninel Markovna.

My father burned the idea of life to learn more about your family and have a full gynecological tree to find relatives. He has done a lot to make it come true. But now the pope is not, and I'm retired, have more time. So I decided to finish the job they care to a memory grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But all he could, his father dug himself. I myself have nothing to add. The decision came suddenly stumbled on a forum for discussion of the site and asked for these people. They spent a great job, and my father this could not, try as he might b. I am even more so. Now, on my hand all the information about my family, and I learned a lot. Thank you very much for such a good cause!


Story of my life began to spin like a melodrama. It turned out the mother of my loved one (and he's from a wealthy family with big ambitions) started a whole plan to embroil us. My reputation has suffered great damage. Even the collection of information has not convinced my guy to the end. However polygraph set the record straight I, and together with the beloved, we were able to make sure that really all these performances was the work of his mother and sister. Ka However unpleasant it was to know it, but it was over to my happiness, because I'm waiting for his child, and now we are one family.

Ivan Ivanov)).

I can not write a positive review, since it is very pleased that it turned to the agency. Even the thought that in this country there is help in money matters. If the bank is looking for debtors, it is clear the case is referred to collectors. What or who have connections in certain circles. I somehow easier, here, and thought that I could not protect will be when the inexperience of Internet-related scams. I know, they cashed in on many people. However, if all the victims turned to just such a specialist, with whom I was lucky, the profits of the rogues would not light. Thank you for the returned amount and faith in justice.

Marina Grand.

Guys, read reviews, some of my business seem trifle, then all the problems were more serious. But I'm with her, I left the country for a long time, I live in the other, do not complain. But after 40 pulled back home, I wanted to see friends, many of whom lost connection. I do not even doubt that the civilized method of resolving the question - is a detective agency. It was good that such companies is now in Ukraine, in Kharkov! I found dear to the heart of people and the relationship is lost on youth and employment. Good luck to you in the development of your work!

Vadimov Eugene.

I needed to check the person. There are cases in which no trust in any way. And if there is a suspicion that this worm can riddled and corrupt. I suspect, but rather a good friend and dear companion, who, as it turned out, I put forward the most false suspicions, he suggested checking. But I chose the company, has seen a lot in the network, focused on your own. Polygraph gave a clear answer. Not lost a friend, built a business. And those who tried to make a bone of contention - punished. Thank spice!


I am ready to shout to the whole world thanks to these detectives. I lived with my husband in a golden cage. It was, but it was impossible to step to step. When did the harassment, was silent, and then for weeks could not leave the house, kept under lock and key. But most of all afraid not for myself but for my daughter: threatened to take it away. And after another scandal did. Just took out and gave access. It is very difficult long official way to achieve something, and even when your heart breaks and you do not know where to run. And we have a status and bribes closed all the roads. But this helped me, and at the hands of the evidence in the court of my daughter and just be apart, the truth is on our side, and we have helped to prove it.

Dogmas Y.

I contacted Honest Detective Kharkov to see people who, as it turned out, I tried vparit fraudulent business system. And along the way it turned out that I myself am under the gun. On tapping was at home and in the office. And my wife has said that neurosis from overwork. Now I believe in intuition (felt as if I was being followed), but I advise you not to wait until the intuition to speak, and go directly to the experts. Dear professionals, and now they are working.

Julia A. B.

Each parent will know when you feel like this: My husband and I went on vacation and returned to 2 days before promised. My daughter is grown up, but still a teenager. It was not in the apartment (first on the road could not get through to a communication problem). Of course, the thought of a girl walking around, thinking, will in 2 days. But she did not appear on the phone. And what is our state: the police to act and said wait, even sluggish friends phoned, and we have already made themselves all. I do not know what there is at the base of the detectives, and they found her daughter and her boyfriend. By the way, this is a college teacher. So it remains to be seen what had taken, but the daughter is not allowed, under house arrest. Thank you, very quickly given the information, even a little, and came to a heart attack (the husband after the surgery). It is good that there are experts who are ready to help!

AA Gavrilenko.

I'm used to dealing with people who can solve them in a professional manner. Therefore, all potential partners make their way through this agency. And several times really time to stop, not investing dubious companies and not trusting fraudsters. Immediately if necessary will ask here again.

Lemeshev Nicholas.

I want to encourage all who question whether to intervene in the affairs of children, especially by detectives as a movie: definitely worth it! If there's a modern way to learn everything and to prove they can not be neglected. Here's our son did not tell us that in school it hurt and robbed, threatened and sometimes beaten. Of course, it is difficult to hide, we have to guess. But you can not work every day instead of on duty at the school. Moreover, the son was afraid and hid. In general, all decided by this office for 2 days. Just made a video, which then went to the parents of these young bandyukov. The police did not return, but it did not have to do, their parents have to deal with them. Son until he knows nothing, or makes an appearance. But to love school again. Now I know who to advise friends in difficult situations.

Svetlana Petrenko.

My child (he was in a difficult adolescence age) with the teachers and the director of the school had a conflict. And while I say one thing Daniel and I believed him, they continued to bend the line, that he in bad company, work hardening erected. Well, I do not regret money and ordered the check of service life of children. The results were exactly like me and waited. All slander the reputation of his son removed, this is no money nor pity. A school decided to change. Our family and confidence was restored, and the school with the principal zachinschitsey these rumors (of teachers) - official proceedings. Your assistance has helped me not to lose confidence in his son, thank you!

Oleg V.

I needed help in the delivery of clean water to a person who lied to me for a very large sum. Threads were many, but one for him to go but could not. I prefer to trust the professionals, and I was right: it's done and now is in the court. A sum, I am sure, will be refunded. All operative in the legal field, but in the interests of the client. Well done!


Only thanks to you I was able to prove what had guessed 10 years. It turned out the worst: her husband is still a second family for several years. Now divorced. It hurts, but your proof at least for the benefit of me and the kids. I'm very glad that it is not afraid to apply to the agency. In addition to professional, I want to thank the staff and for more sensitivity. Family matters, step on sore spot very easily. And while all of the former sort of security forces, the ratio really is, which is evident: to helping. Thank you for your help.

Ruslan I.

I do not want to go into the heart of the matter. But the professionalism of the team I was just amazed. But the thought of it all, some words and pumping money. Concrete results have put me on a table in 3 days. My fears were justified. But now I can prove it. As a result, saved a large amount. My recommendations detectives!


I write to you to express my appreciation for the fate of the rescued daughter! I myself was brought up by her, no father, now young people is dangerous, the company, a girl, in general, could not resist. I see that it has to lose. But I do not know today, drugs, like watching a child abuse something. I thought I could just strange behavior. Shared her fears with her friend and she immediately sent to you. Well, just know it was fate. The case turned into drugs. Although never thought for her little girl, but it's better to know it in time. Sorry to write messy, still shudder. Now all in the past, thank you!


After previous bad marriage when the young lady was interesting only because of the purse, once dared to marry, but Victoria, the bride, I love. But confidence was terrible. What does not change, no doubt. But then suddenly, after the wedding? The whole thing is, that this agency has such a service, as a test of the potential infidelity. Looked like Vick acted with shell, and realized she can trust. Wait for an invitation to the wedding!

Mary E. Grigorieva.

In our family there was a lot of trouble, missing valuable, but cash value is also dear to the heart of the great-grandmother. The worst thing is that the son-in-law began to suspect her grandson. Young guy, walks, but not thieves as his record. Became a boy crush, home all quarreled, grandson ran to all your friends. We immediately grandfather did not believe that Arkady is capable of that. Decided to apply to the agency. We do not even know how to approach the issue in order to check everything. But it turned out that the experts here is nothing new. After a week-in-law have been able to calm the boy and justify in the eyes of parents. Guilty was a family friend. The police did not state, returned all the way. Sincerely thank the employees of your office for the sensitivity and professionalism. May you bless!

Mironov AG, Kharkiv.

I thought before that detective stories show on TV only. But when out of control out own son, and you can not do anything to catch and prove it disarms! The boy had to be saved. It turns out that the scheme to turn out, the information gathered quickly at the agency really professionals. Do not have time to worry, as everyone knew. Time, thanks to you!

Denis Davidovich.

Unpleasant divorce case has been completed and material litigation. Betrayal of his wife survived, God judge her, but claims to property, unreasonable, to fully go but could not. Well, that was advised to contact you. Guys worked very quickly. Facts that could be gleaned from the spouse, the division of property in court removed altogether. Justice is done at least in this aspect of the property. I recommend you all friends now who are in need.

Oksana Bunko, entrepreneur.

I want to thank your staff! I have a small business, but in a fairly rigid in terms of the competitive environment. Not all market players are working honest methods. A series of troubles that covered business, could not be perceived as an accident. With your help, all cleared, the perpetrators fired, information security strengthened. Thank you very much and good luck in the investigation of cases!


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