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Holding the control of procurement - a service "mystery shopping"

Holding the control of procurement - a service The agency "Private detective Kharkov" provides mystery shopping in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.

The best way to check the quality of service - test purchases, Ukraine knows many examples of both in the field were detected reality.

Mystery shopping service (in English Mystery shopping) - is a form of market research, studying the quality of customer service in restaurants, shops, real and online retailers, call-centers.

Conducting test purchases reveals strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of service rendered by the contracting authority. Using the same methodology, introducing specially trained to a competitor, you can form an opinion about the strategy work, its strengths.

Mystery shopping in Kharkiv incognito of a usual client comes to the object of research and make purchases, order services. The wait staff did not know anything about the test, so behaves as usual.

Mystery shopping service has the following forms:

  • representative of the detective agency performing work mystery shopper comes into the store, salon, restaurant, checking the quality of goods and services;
  • expert detective agency calling the call-center, shop, checking the competence and quality of behavior of employees;
  • expert of a usual buyer makes a purchase online in the shop, checking the quality of service and knowledgeable staff.

Holding the control of procurement - a service On request, all that makes mystery shopping in Kharkiv, is fixed on the recordings or videos. In addition, given an oral or written report with clear conclusions. Specified points on which attention should be paid to improving the quality of work and customer engagement. Conducting test purchases allows you to analyze the behavior of staff in full.

Mystery shopping provides answers to questions such as:

  • Was staff at work during a visit mystery shopper?
  • How competent and friendly seller?
  • Does the staff help choosing a purchase?
  • Do staff have helped dispel doubts about the buyer, clearly there to give professional advice?
  • Good to know the range of vendors and properties of products?
  • Look how well a store, observing the conditions of storage of goods, especially perishable goods?
  • Does the consultant alternative products, if the request secret buyer is nothing available?

Holding the control of procurement - a service Mystery shopping service provides a complete picture of the behavior of the personnel during the normal business day. The method is very effective in establishing the quality of service.

Cost of service mystery shopping in the agency "Private detective Kharkiv" depends on the size and complexity of the research.

  • Detective agency provides services in urban areas: